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We should not be needlessly worried about current configuration of parliament – Okudzeto Ablakwa

Cropped Okudzeto Ablakwa?resize=960%2C540&ssl=1 Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa

Thu, 21 Jan 2021 Source:

The Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has called for a positive approach in the face of the nearly hung parliament that resulted from the 2020 general elections.

The equal membership of MPs from both the NPP and NDC sides of parliament which has had a direct effect on the membership of the Appointments Committee of the House has caused some people to express worry over what they say could bring about a lack of consensus and unnecessary delays in dealing with matters.

But speaking in an interview with Joynews monitored by GhanaWeb, the NDC MP expressed optimism about the situation saying, “I would like to stress that we need to be positive about the outcome of the 2020 election. What the Ghanaian people have done in virtually giving us a hung parliament is to invite us to work together and to request of us to build for ourselves a legislative organ which is not subservient, which is not a lame duck, which is not a rubber stamp. Which will be efficient in the pursuit of the principles of checks and balances, and the need for independence so far as the three arms of government is concerned.”

Speaking on the concerns raised, the MP said the opposition side of the House, holds a mindset of not being saboteurs but to be constructive pursuant to the supreme interest of the nation.

“People are scared, people are worried that Armageddon is upon us. I disagree and we must also emphasize that we in the NDC we are conscious of the fact that Ghanaians are watching, we do not have to be obstructionists, we do not have to be saboteurs or spoilers if you like. Our mindset is to be constructive; is to pursue the supreme national interest and I must emphasize this point,” he added.

According to Mr Okudzeto, NDC MPs are not oblivious of the consequences of being overly obstructive and will thus employ rationality in their dealings and engagements in the house.

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