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Fri, 4 Oct 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

President of Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong Manso has accused some Western countries of being the brain behind the introduction of liberal education in the country.

According to him, some United Nation agencies and NGOs are been used to target children in vulnerable countries.

“It is gratifying to know that we Ghanaians are not allude in opposition to this unpopular global move by some western countries hiding behind some United Nation agencies and international NGOs to gradually introduce liberal education targeting children in vulnerable countries including Ghana,” he said.

His comment follows the recent issue of government introducing Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) to the basic school curriculum in the next academic year.

The introduction of the CSE has generated a public debate as to whether it was appropriate to introduce primary one pupils to sex education.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is a curriculum-based method aimed at providing age appropriate, scientifically accurate and culturally sensitive information to enable young people, in-and-out of school the knowledge, attitude, skills and values to make appropriate and healthy choices in their sexual lives.

However, the Education Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh has denied government’s involvement in the implementation of the CSE policy in this academic year, also his outfit has not approved the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) document for use by teachers in basic schools.

The Council, however, commended government for that decision to suspend the implementation of the CSE policy, adding that it will be in the best interest of the country.

“While commending government on its latest decision to suspend the implementation of CSE policy, this academic year, we as a council persuaded by mere suspension, as evidence abound of existing government commitment to some international obligation on CSE. Some of which have been captured in the 2019 budget statement as presented to parliament by the minister of finance.”

Rev. Frimpong however, called on government to return control of the schools to the churches or partner with them in the training of the children.

“For several years we have pushed that they should give back the schools to the churches for us to train them. If government do not give us the school then there should be partnership. They take the hardware and we take the software.”

He blames government for the recent changes happening in the schools. Accused them of lacking the will power and moral authority of training the children.

In addition, his proposed partnership between government and the church, in his view will bring out matured people in the country.

“Most of the schools in Ghana especially the good schools were started by churches. They were governed by Christian leadership. Several years ago they were taken over by government. And most of the changes we are seeing is that government hasn’t got the strength or the will power or the moral authority to handle this.

They can build for us, pay the salaries and the infrastructure but the moral training and the upbringing of the children should be given to the churches to control and have authority so that we will bring out matured people in the society.”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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