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Why the location of this art and craft market is the best for business in Accra

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Wed, 13 Sep 2023 Source:

The Tetteh Quarshie Art and Craft Market sits at a location in Accra that has been described as the perfect spot for trade, as well as promoting local tourism.

This, in the explanation of Frank Todah, the Chairman of the market, is because of the major bridge the market forms between such things as some of Accra’s best hotels and the country’s only international airport.

Speaking about this and the positives of the new market, which used to be located at a different location in the past, but was demolished, Frank said that they consider where they are now as a good advantage to market themselves more.

Frank Todah also detailed how he has personally benefitted from the market since he first joined it in 1999.

“The many hotels and its proximity to the airport and so on and so forth is what makes this location very good for handicraft business, which also falls under tourism, as we all know.

“So, I would say since then the market has been flourishing. It has been a home for grooming new artisans, it has been the home for some young musicians. It has been a home for any talented person who finds himself in the city of Accra and doesn’t have any place to go… Personally, completing Kpando Secondary School as a visual arts student, we know that in Ghana, we don’t have an industry that will employ secondary graduates and artists; you’d have to employ yourself. So, I found myself in the Tetteh Quarshie Club Village then in 1999, and since then, I have been able to use the market to polish my craft,” he explained.

Frank Todah and some of the other traders also told Etsey Atisu about their experiences from two years ago and how their businesses are now picking up.

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