Roads: NPP did 8 times more than NDC – Nana Addo

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Asamoah Buaben
2016-02-29 16:58:18
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Since Nana Addo is campaigning on the achievements on the previous 8yrs rule of Kuffour, it stands then to reason to measure Nana Addo Opana on the failures and ills of the same 8 yr. rule. I would stay focused. I wouldn’t wage a two-front battle

1. For every substantive Minister Pres. Kuffour appointed had a SPECIAL ASSISTANT and any deputy also had a SPECIAL ASSISTANT.
2. And this very special assistants were appointed to first and foremost ensure that he negotiates 25% of kickback on all the contracts that would be entered between the government and the contractor.
3. Incase there is leakage the special assistant will own up and the government be be absolve of any blame.
4. The special assistant will seek to clean all the traces on the track and also to ensure all the loopholes are sealed and the Mess is clean.
5. The SPECIAL ASSISTANT also apart from mopping up all the traces of malfeasance also negotiate the kickbacks.
6. Haruna Esseku confirmed that all the kickbacks were kept at the castle.
7. Kuffour and by extension NPP will ask for evidence for any corrupt deal reported for they are aware they have clean their tracks.
8. With the might of the pen they change everything. I believe in the adage the Pen is mightier than the sword.
9. No matter how hard you investigate you will hit a rock. They are bold to dare anyone to provide evidence. They have wiped their ass clean.
10. NPP WERE SO CORRUPT that even the cat will pay homage to them. Meaooow!!!!!!!
11. ‘Agyinamoah npo etwa NPP pruse”. Meaooow!!!!!!!

The 8 Year rule of Kuffour and the NPP saw the period of the greatest corruption scandals and mass looting ever witness in Ghana. Kuffour never for once investigated any corruption case brought under his presidency. Kuffour would ask his critics to bring evidence or forever shut up, Opana the Attorney General would go mumu. See no evil talk, no evil whilst the country was milked dry.

In JM we have a president who would investigate any case of malfeasance, though we believe he could do more by being militant about it. Don’t you love this president?

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Asamoah Buaben on Feb 29, 2016 16:58