Disqualified aspirants were given time to rectify errors – EC

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Comment: Courts determination!

Prof. Issifu, USA
2016-10-11 21:37:28
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Disqualified aspirants were given time to rectify

The courts determination is traditionally based on the due process clause. There are two aspects of "due process" - (a) procedural due process; and (b) substantive due process. In this particular case, the EC might have done well on the procedural due process but failed on the latter. Substantive due process relates to the reasonableness of the EC's action. I can bet my last dollar that the EC's decision to disqualify PPP and NDP based on a flimsy error will fail on the reasonableness test unless the courts in Ghana chicken out. I rest my case. If you need more advice leave me your contact number and I'll call you.

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Prof. Issifu, USA on Oct 11, 2016 21:37
Courts determination!