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Elvis Manu insists Genclerbirligi will come good in the Turkish league

Newly signed Genclerbirligi striker Elvis Manu has expressed his belief that the club will come good in the upcoming Turkish SuperLiga season.

Manu joined the Wind of Ankara lads on a two-year contract last month after being released by newly promoted English Premiership side Brighton Hoven and Albion.

The Dutch-born Ghanaian poacher encountered the interest of Dutch football lovers in both training and preparation workouts; "A new club, a new country, a new language.

There was anxiety, but there are great people here.They included me right there. I go through the adaptation process quickly. I am grateful to all my friends for this. It is also a great advantage for me that the camp is in my country.

I think this process facilitates adaptation. Of course I am also interested in Dutch football fans. I hope that this kind of love in Turkey is also worthy of our supporters. "


Manu, surprised by the Turkish words he sometimes uses in his chat with his teammates, says that his reason is childhood friends:

"I have learned these words before. When I was a child, I experienced a blot with 13 families, of which 8 were Turks. While I was at school, I was constantly having Turkish friends while I was there. I got good friends. I use the words I learn from time to time. "

The left wing player, who started the football in Feyenoord, said he kept the team he was training in the Netherlands and that it was a normal thing. Describing this as a key role in the process of being a football player, Manu continued his words as follows:

"You can not make big career plans when you are 11-12 years old, but you have a tendency towards football. In my head I started to revive this dream. This process has already accelerated since the Feyenoord infrastructure. Feyenoord is my town team".

"I was a fan of Feyenoord because the fans of this club were constantly in contact when I was walking down the street, playing both on the infrastructure and growing up in such an environment. We know the team supporters, the supporters team here. With this loyalty, the process of being a football player accelerated.


Manu, who expressed his admiration for Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, also clarified the use of Dutch football lovers' Manutelli "nickname:

I admire Luis Suarez. I was able to keep up with the development process in the Netherlands. He's a player I like and like. He's a real scorer.

As for Manutelli; I played for Feyenoord, and after a golden throw, I made a goal and I took my form and posed. After that joy, they wore a Manutelli nickname. That's the nickname.

Manu, telling Turkey and Genclerbirligi about the contributions he has learned and learned from his Turkish friends, says that Turkish fans have witnessed their football addiction:

"As I said, I have many Turkish friends. I already know teams and league. I have witnessed the indulgences of the Turks to football many times. We also encountered playing Besiktas with Feyenoord. I saw the stage environment there. I also have friends who are playing in Turkey".


'I have never heard anything bad about youth coaching. On the contrary I always heard good things. I already knew that Ankara was a beautiful city. It's a right decision for me to come here. "

Finally, referring to the style of their own game, the Dutch wingman said he would watch a good youth team next season:

"Young people will see us as a team that wants to play football. As a team, we spend the integration process together. Personally, I love football. I am an actor who is increasingly effective in directing individuals and kale. I love to help; I want to watch my fans' assists and goals. But most importantly, we will be good as a team. "

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