Soccer News Thu, 9 Dec 2010

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Corruption allegations worry Switzerland

Switzerland’s sports minister has admitted that the country is concerned about the number of sports federations based there which have been accused of corruption.

Ueli Maurer has ordered the Swiss Sports Agency, an agency of the Federal Government, to set up an investigation into "corruption in sport" and how it can be confronted and eliminated.

Fifa, football's world governing body which is based in Zurich, has been at the centre of allegations for several weeks after two members of its executive committee were suspended following an undercover investigation by the Sunday Times newspaper.

"It's clear that Switzerland is obliged to do something to fight corruption as we have lots of international federations with headquarters in Switzerland and we want to set an example in solving this problem," Maurer said.


"But resolving this issue won't be easy, as we have the federations with their rules, national and international laws and global problems."

Almost 50 leading sports organisations are based in Switzerland, including the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne and Uefa, European football's governing body, in Nyon.

Such bodies are granted tax breaks and flexible legal terms that allow them to govern their own affairs.

"Recent developments mean we need swift action because Switzerland must become a model in fighting corruption in sport," Maurer added. Back

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