Sports News Sat, 17 Dec 2011

Farewell Thee Samuel Abaane !!!

A Tribute By: Adzigodi Dennis Narterh, Sena Radio 104.7F.M.

How cruel are you death? Words just can’t express how I felt when I first heard the sad news of my one time fellow contributor of the Graphic sports Letters page, Samuel Abaane. Indeed he was a very regular contributor and I really enjoyed his letters from the early 2000.

I remembered him very well for his incisive and critical write-ups on national issues on our popular letters page especially football, more so when it concerns the Northern Region. In fact, he was very active until he became the regional correspondent for the Enquirer Newspaper. The two of us have never met but Abaane is one guy I admired from afar via his writings especially his burning desire of becoming a journalist those days which he has achieved.

I was therefore not surprise at all when I started to read his stories in the Daily Graphic and later becoming the Upper East Regional Correspondent to the Enquirer Newspaper and also heard him report on several radio and Television networks across the country. What we have all started some time ago as a mere contributors to the letters page of the authoritative Graphic sports have paid dividends to me , Abaane and few others like Prince Dornu – Leiku all regular contributors to Graphic Sports letters page.

“Death a necessary end, will come when it comes” but I must admit this one is quit harsh. A chapter on a young man in his early 30s has just been cut short through the hands of reckless drivers and poor customer service from some health workers in this country and all his big dreams just gone by the wind.


The late Abaane, until his untimely death, was one the finest Journalist in the northern part of the country. How wicked is death to lay its icy hands on this fine gentleman. But the Bible says, this life is only a journey and I am sure the good Lord has prepared a permanent home for him in heaven. I am sure Abaane gave his life to Christ before that fatal accident, for that is the only ticket to heaven. constructive Criticisms and rejoinders between Abaane and me those days has really groomed us, thus Abaane being one of the best upcoming journalist and myself now at Sena Radio 104.7 F.M and also a publisher of a sports newspaper.

For me although Abaane and I have not met since those days, he is one man I respects a lot because he has really lived up to the task of helping his people through his wonderful writings. I have always loved to read his reports in the Daily Graphic and in the Enquirer Newspapers.

Like a proverb in my Dangme dialect which says “ A useful tree never last in a forest” within the short period Abaane has made his mark and he is gone.

I will also like to thank Graphic sports and Ghanaweb for the support and mentorship they have taken us through which we are enjoying today. And to all the current contributors to the letters page of the Authoritative Graphic Sports, I salute you all, please take all the criticisms and corrections in good faith because you wouldn’t know who is reading your articles and might call you for a job tomorrow.

Abaane “kusie !!”, Sorry !!, “He de nyue”, “Ya wo o jo Gbaa!!, “ Allah Jaramaka-kabari !!!. AAOO!! ABAANE farewell thee. Until we meet again in the next world sleep well and I will always remember one your article dated 30th December 3003 – 1st January 2004 in the NO:2160 Edition of the Authoritative Graphic Sports under the headline : “ IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN HENRY”

Source: Narterh, Adzigodi Dennis