Ghana Football Association announces policy on commission on sponsorship

Thu, 30 Jan 2020 Source: Football Ghana

The Ghana Football Association has announced that staff and outsiders will gain a commission if they secure sponsorship for the Association.

The association has also revealed that they will give out a maximum of 15% on the sponsorships secured.

"The Ghana Football Association’s Executive Council has agreed that a maximum of 15.0% should be paid by the GFA as Commission to any person (natural or legal persons) who secures sponsorship or commercial partnership for the Association." They revealed on their website.

"The percentage of the commission may however vary from 1% -15% depending on the quantum of the sponsorship amount."

"To this end, the term “any person” includes; GFA Staff, GFA Executive Council members, Members of the GFA, club officials, media persons, companies, individuals, marketing companies or agents, any member of the general public".

"The Executive Council also wishes to inform the General Public that any participant in football – players, coaches, Executive committee members, club officials, members of the GFA may seek sponsorship for the GFA".

They revealed two key conditions to the public.

The first condition is that the persons bringing in the sponsorship must disclose their interest in football or any related football activity.

The second condition states that the persons must immediately recuse themselves from the decision making process of approving the sponsorship to avoid any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest.

The policy approved by the Executive Council has also indicated that Walk-in sponsorships shall not attract any commission.

Source: Football Ghana
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