I will continue to defend the GFA - Osei Palmer

Palmer Dazed Osei Palmer has been told by the Ethics Committee to be careful when speaking about the Black Stars

Sat, 13 Jan 2018 Source: The Finder

Ghana Football Executive Committee member, Wilfred Osei Palmer, despite being warned by the Ethics Committee of the association, says he will continue to defend the association when the need arises on relevant issues.

The Tema Youth administrator has been told by the Ethics Committee to be careful when speaking on any issue relating to the football association.

Osei had made comments on several media platforms when the subject of Ghana’s failure to make it the 2018 World Cup came up for discussion.

“I was quite surprised that Ghanaians and the media sided with former Sports Minister Nii Lante Vanderpuye [about not budgeting for indemnities] when the government whitepaper on the Dzamefe Commission report clearly indicated that unclassified payments were legal in the concept of our budget," as quoted by FootballGhana.com.

“If we had spent around $300,000 on referees, and stood to benefit about $8 million by appearing at the World Cup, I see nothing wrong with it,” he told Citi Sports.

Speaking to Accra-based Hot FM concerning allegations that he has been banned from speaking on behalf of the GFA, he said, “I have not been banned as has been speculated by some section of the media. I have been told by the Ethics Committee to apologise to the Executive Committee members and not to repeat such comments.

“There hasn’t been any embargo placed on me as has been reported by the media”.

As to being treated fairly on the issue by the Ethics Committee on this issue, he said, “I cannot talk of fairness over here because there is nothing fair in this world; I take the decision in good faith. I am a happy member of the FA and will continue to defend the FA”, he added.

Osei Palmer said he will apologise to the FA in due time.

Source: The Finder
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