Michael Osei rallies support for Kurt Okraku

Kurt Okraku Speaking Congress President of the Ghana Football Association, Kurt Okraku

Tue, 8 Sep 2020 Source: footballghana.com

Former Asante Kotoko forward Michael Osei affectionately called Ember Power’s has urged all stakeholders to support Ghana Premier Football Association president Kurt Okraku to succeed.

Okraku was elected as the new GFA president in October 2019 and the Association has seen a lot of transformation since his appointment.

According to Osei, all those who supported Nyantakyi should rally behind the current administration to succeed.

"Others have come and done their best. The likes of Alhaji Jawula and Nana Brew Butler have all headed the association before. They did their best. We should all support the current President to do the work in order to succeed. We all supported Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi to succeed and through that, we went to three World Cup tournaments," he told Hello FM.

"For me, no one should not try and bring the current president down or do everything to see him fail because he is not from his camp. It would delay our progress in the game. You want the current president to fail, but you would wish that someone from your camp succeed when he gets the opportunity to lead. It doesn't work that way. Your candidate too will fail.

He added, "I will implore all to support the current administration to succeed. They are doing the work for the whole country. All those who supported Nyantakyi should rally behind the current president too."

"Here after elections, they all come together. You don't see any camps. It's all about the country. Unnecessary politics should come to an end. It will not help our football. They should support Kurt Okraku to succeed."

Source: footballghana.com
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