New Juaben MCE explains temporal relocation of Koforidua Tennis Club

Tue, 6 Apr 2021 Source: Happy 98.9FM

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Officer for New Juaben, Isaac Apau Gyasi, has explained the reason behind the decision to relocate the New Juaben Tennis Club from their training grounds at the Community Center.

According to the MCE, there is the need for the urgent construction of a Court Complex for New Juaben for judicial purposes.

He explained that the Community Center which serves as a training venue for the Koforidua Tennis club will currently be used for Court proceedings until the new Court Complex is completed.

This according to him, was not welcomed by members of the New Juaben Tennis club which led to the demonstration.

“Some time ago when the former Chief Justice Sophia Akufo came to Koforidua he invited me and asked me to tour the lower courts in the municipality. The courts were in a bad state. She gave me an ultimatum to build a new court for Koforidua or close the existing ones down. I cannot sit down and see all the courts closed down or else the will be chaos”, Isaac Apau Gyasi told Joe Debrah on Happy Weekend Sports on Happy 98.9FM.

“So we made efforts to look for a place to build a new one. The new Chief Justice Anim Yeboah also came around for an inspection and also said the court now does not befit Koforidua. So he asked if we can get an alternative place so that as we are put a new one is constructed”.

“One of the Assembly staff proposed we used the community center as a court temporally which the Chief Justice agreed. I had already given it to the Koforidua Tennis club. So we decided to relocate the Tennis club because it was urgent for us to get a place for the Court."

“So after constructing the court then we relocate the Tennis club back to the community centre because the money for the court construction is ready”, he concluded.

Source: Happy 98.9FM