Soccer News Thu, 2 Jun 2005

Team Ghana To Unity Cup 2005

GNA REPORT Amankwah and Ofori Quaye for Unity Cup


It has come to the notice of the organizers of the Unity Cup 2005 in London,, England, that a source known as ?ghanaweb.com? has done so much damage to the publicity for the tournament among football fans within the European Community hoping to attend to watch the game. The ?ghanaweb.com? news is disappointing.
The fans know of the Black Stars and that is what Ghana is presenting and not the Black Meteors as published to the whole world by ?ghanaweb.com? which is widely read.
We call on ?ghanaweb.com? to immediately correct the wrong impression since the GFA has never said they were presenting the METEORS.
For the information of the proprietors of ?ghanaweb.com? the news is that the squad for the Unity Cup 2005 will be handled by the coach who handled our U-23 side.
Seasoned names which featured for the Black Stars are part of the squad
Please amend your records in your worldwide circulation, Messrs ?ghanaweb.com?. Thank you.
Hornsby-Odoi, E.H. (fifapaghana@yahoo.com)
For: Multimedia Sports Management Ltd/OSMI
2nd June 2005


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