Boxing News Fri, 21 Oct 2011

The Victor Abramovich revival of Ghana boxing is on

After hailing the success of his first ever boxing promotion, Godwin Kwame Ahiakpor is delighted and pledging much bigger things for the sport in this country. Ahiakpor, famously called Victor Abramovich, is basking in the satisfaction of getting his Heart of Lions’ Promotions adventure off to a bang last Saturday at the Lebanon House in the heart of Accra.

“Boxing is a sport that I love so much and I’m happy to get directly involved. Of course it’s been a great success, the people who were here also made it big. The presence of the godfather of boxing in this country Azumah Nelson, GBA President and Executives, other promoters have all been supportive and I appreciate it all,” Abramovich told ALL SPORTS the morning after.

Aside the failure of the much-trumpeted Commonwealth title headliner between George Ashie of Ghana and Nigerian Innocent Anyanwu to come off, Sena Agbeko and Dodzi Kemeh are two boxers from within Abramovich’s stable that he has promised to make world champions in record time but both of whose bouts failed to come on last Saturday due to an injury to Sena with Kemeh’s opponent failing to show up. It’s the only disappointment for Abramovich but he is quick to see beyond that.

He told ALL SPORTS: “I’m a bit disappointed because in boxing it’s usual that boxers get injured days before fights and a similar thing even happened to Joseph Agbeko. This is just the beginning and I think the beginning of everything is a bit slow. So I’m appealing to my fans that I will give them more action fights next time.”

That next time is just two months away when Heart of Lions’ Promotions stage their second promotion on Boxing Day, December 26. It’s the shortest space of time between promotions by the same outfit in a long time but Mr. Ahiakpor insists his team are up for it.

“We mean business. I’ve been in football for over ten years so I know the sweet as well as bitter parts. You will face challenges, people will discourage you but I’m very strong and I believe in the Almighty Lord that I worship.

“Ghanaian boxing, excuse my language, they are really suffering and they need a helper. We all know and it’s the truth that the guys in boxing are suffering that’s why for some time now we have not produced many world champions,” Abramovich stated.

He further pledges: “In everything there is a saying that when you are making a path, it’s the people behind you who can see and direct you whether it’s straight or not. I’ve listened to people and I can say that our second promotion will be bigger and more fantastic.

“I’m ready to spend on my boxers to get them into the world ratings because that’s the only way to make world champions. I’m looking at the future, not now.”

Source: Prince Dornu-Leiku