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You have no right to question my discipline – Bukom Banku fires back at Azumah Nelson

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Sun, 20 Oct 2019 Source:

Legendary Ghanaian boxer Azumah Nelson has incurred the wrath of Bukom Banku over his supposed criticism of the latter’s career as one who lacks discipline and commitment.

Abeiku Santana revealed in an interview with Bukom Banku on his Atuu Show that Azumah once confided in him that Banku’s success in the profession is being held back by indiscipline and lack of focus.

Banku who was clearly incensed by the reported comment by the highly respected Azumah questioned why he will pass such statement when he has not been supportive of his exploits.

Banku confessed his admiration Azumah but also added that his criticism lacks merit.

“Azumah Nelson is the world professional boxer. He is the number one worldwide but how can I Bukom Banku also get the name when I’m training and he doesn’t come there to give me advice. But I haven’t seen Azumah in my gym before when I started boxing. So how can you tell me that I need discipline for training. Has Azumah Nelson come to my training before when I have a single fight in the country? No”.

“He is a professional and we are the junior people so you come to our gym to give us more morale because you go there before. But Azumah has never come way so how can I listen to your talking. I respect him very well but if I get a serious fight, you come there to give me advice because you are the number one in Ghana”, Banku said.

Banku also explained why he wasted no time in dispatching German boxer Rojhat Bilgetekin in his first ever international bout.

“I finished the fight early. By 8:15 I was done. The guy couldn’t stand me. The time I hit his stomach and one uppercut I know that he can’t fit my blow. If you don’t finish somebody earlier and go the person may come back”, he said.

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