2017 budget estimates inconsistent - Minority

Ato Forson2 Ato Forson ,spokesperson on Finance

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

The 2017 budget estimates according to the Minority is inconsistent. According to the spokesperson on Finance, Ato Forson “what we have seen is a departure of what the narratives of the budget statement talked about and what is indeed the estimate.

We have also seen a contradiction of what is in NPP manifesto as against what is in the estimate. We say this because during the reading of the budget, the Minister was very emphatic that they are going to start certain infrastructural projects. ” He said: ‘’ “The budget says one thing, and when you go to the estimate, you see another thing.

What even saddens us as Minority is the clear departure of their own promise, and the budget statement that says that aside the $1 million dollars, they will be allocating some money for the purposes of one district, one factory, and they will be allocating some money for the Zongo Development Fund.

Today we are seeing the same one million, one constituency, of which they will use part of that money for the Zongo Development Fund so Zongo Development Fund is not standing alone.”

The estimated GH¢456.3 million for the implementation of its flagship one-district, one-factory policy programme he indicated is not enough to smoothly implement that policy.

“They have also taken part of the money for the purposes of taking care of one district, one factory, and it is a paltry GHC 443 million cedis.

In fact, in today’s term, it is less than a $100 million. One will wonder how many districts or constituencies will benefit from this.”

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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