Business News Thu, 16 Jan 2014

Ghanaians patronising ‘China Kente’ extensively

Kente which originates from the Ashanti Kingdom, is one of Ghana’s most revered cotton and silk cultural fabric, but it is gradually loosing its image to the ‘China kente’ which is being patronised extensively by some Ghanaians.

Kente, which has over the years appreciated in value when manually woven with the hands is gradually losing its commercial value as a result of the importation of the fabric from China popularly known as “China Kente”.

A visit to some markets in the Greater Accra Metropolis during the yuletide and after by the GNA revealed that most Ghanaians prefer buying the China made kente because it is cheaper than the original Kente.


Some of the traders told the GNA that the sales of the ‘China kente’ has improved their businesses “so why should we worry themselves to sell the original kente which most people buy occasionally for wedding, engagement, naming ceremonies among others due to its high cost.”

Other traders also attributed the slow sale of the original kente to the importation of the ‘China kente’ by some Ghanaians and foreigners.

The GNA also observed that the ‘China kente’ has gained roots in the Ghanaian market and could seriously affect the local Kente industry by the next decade if the imported inferior kente is allowed to flood our markets.

Source: GNA