Business News Tue, 9 Sep 2003

Rawlings Scores Ghana Low On Economy

Former Ghanaian President, Flight Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings, has scored his country's economic performance as too low, saying that Ghanaians are suffering.

In an interview granted Daily Trust in Minna when he attended the wedding ceremony of former President Babangida, the former leader said the government of Mr. Fred Kuffour should re-order his economic policies if the people must support him.

He said that since he left office he has devoted himself to the cause of fighting injustice, oppression and poverty.

The former Ghanian president said that, although he was out of office, his popularity has not dimmed, saying that the attempt by the government of Mr. Kuffour to bring him to trial for corruption was an attempt to tarnish his image.


"The government of Ghana is not performing and the move to arraign me before any court is a distraction as survival tactics. All these allegations, therefore, are false," he said.

Reviewing the performance of his tenure, Mr. Rawlings declared that he did his best for the people of Ghana and they can testify to that.

According to him, the government of Ghana led by Mr. Kuffour are only ridiculing themselves as he was ready to confront them.

"I welcome them to take me anywhere provided it is not a political trial. The Ghana rulers are only ridiculing themselves," he concluded.

Source: Daily Trust (Abuja)