NDC is the fuel that ignites Western Togoland idealogy - NPP Chairman

29116976 Togoland Eric Nartey has called for government to deal with the secesionists

Mon, 5 Oct 2020 Source: Ibrahim Yusif, Contributor

An NPP constituency chairman, Eric Nartey Yeboah has accused the opposition National Democratic Congress as the main propeller of the idea of the western togoland.

According to the outspoken NPP Madina constituency chairman popularly known as chairman Dollar, Ghanaians must call on the NDC to speak against the activities of the group or risk destroying the country.

He chided the NDC for rather criticizing the NPP government over the activities of the group instead of joining hands with the government to fight the group.

Chairman Dollar, who is also an international defense and security expert, noted that every terror group starts as a small, ridiculous and none serious entity before becoming a threat.

According to him when a terror grouping starts like that,it takes a little support to get them stronger. ‘ Therefore what NDC is so far doing in relation to the homeland study group is a recipe for chaos’ he added.

The NPP Madina Chairman cited groups such as Al-Shabab which started as a youth group, Boko Haram that started with an ideology that could never be thought of in the 21st century and remarked that "all those groups either got the power from people who remained silent on their activities or supported their activities openly".

"Ghana’s version of a terror group is the homeland study group and the silence of the NDC is a fuel to their growth", he concluded.

Chairman Dollar was speaking with the Ewe community in the Madina constituency during his routine campaign in the constituency.

Chairman dollar assured the community that we are all Ghanaians and we shall remain Ghanaians and no terrorist group or their supporters like the NDC can disintegrate us. He called for a massive vote for the NPP in the upcoming elections so as to enable the party continue with its good work and also deal ruthlessly with the group.

Source: Ibrahim Yusif, Contributor
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