Television Mon, 29 Feb 2016

E.TV Ghana starts ‘The God In Me’ show

In our world. people are striving to make meaning out of their lives, be successful in their education, business, careers and families but are faced with so much uncertainties, doubts, troubles and spiritual emptiness.

‘The God in Me Show’ on e.TV Ghana is here to calm the troubles in people’s lives and assure the public that recognising The God in You is the first step towards conquering lives challenging and making it in life.

Showing every Sundays from 1:30pm – 2:00pm, The God in Me Show is designed to concientise, motivate and shape the lives of people in every aspect of life.

It is a non-denominational program which will tap into the rich and experienced knowledge of seasoned Preachers, Teachers, Theologians and Bible Scholars on the importance of involving God in whatever endeavour people are engaged.

The show will also feature celebrities in the music, movies, sports, and media etc. who will share their experiences with The God in them and also serve as a life changing experience for their fans.


Knowing the strategic need this programme comes to provide in the lives of Ghanaians, it has been placed in the hands of a very experienced young man whose personal experiences in his life’s journey is an attestation of the fact that there is ‘God in him’.

The host, Kojo Delong, a multi-instrumentalist and an end time seasoned minister. The God in Me Show will be in three segments. The throne room; a live worship segment with seasoned worshippers, the discussion segment where viewers be will educated on the special topic under discussion and the intercessory time, will focus on praying for people with specific spiritual needs.

Viewers should expect this spiritual programme to spark up their Sunday afternoon and put them in the worship or spiritual mood for the new week ahead.

Source: Global Media Alliance