Entertainment Fri, 28 Feb 2014

I smoke weed every single day, it’s my medicine - King Ayisoba

Did you know that weed is a medicine for popular Ghanaian musician King Ayisoba? Well, King Ayisoba of ‘I want to see you my father’ fame says weed is a medicine he can never leave on this planet without.

Christened Alpert Apozor, the musician who said he smokes with prominent personalities in the country in an interview with Bra Chef on Radio Univers 105.7 revealed that he smokes the narcotic drug every day.

“As for me I use it every day. At times I take it before I go to bed or before I eat.”

Asked why he smokes, the musician who revealed that his elder brother initiated him into the act at the age of eleven said it is a medicine which prevents him from going wayward.

“It is a medicine for me. It prevents me from thinking about being violent or engaging in any cruel act. It also prevents me from being a womanizer as those who drink ‘akpeteshie’ and other alcoholic drinks do”

He further issued a disclaimer that “I’ve not asked anyone to smoke weed because we all have different health conditions. I’ve smoked it for many years so it doesn’t affect my body.

“I’ve not stolen nor killed before. You will testify that I’m a cool man when you meet me and it’s all because of the narcotic drug. The weed helped me to write my song ‘I want to see you my father’ which was enjoyed by everybody” he continued on the mid-morning show, Bruch2Lunch.

King Ayisoba was caught on a video tape some years ago smoking marijuana with a gang of people when he mentioned names like Jerry John Rawlings and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah as personalities who smoke weed.

He again named some government officials particularly ministers, doctors, renowned pastors, policemen and other dignitaries in the country as people he has been smoking with.

Source: omgghana