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Afia Schwarzenegger sparks a Ghana/Nigeria war on Instagram

Yesterday marked Ghana'a 61st independence celebration and yet again the controversial comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger simply had to soil the euphoria in the air with a rather factual yet unnecessary comment on Instagram.

Feuds between these two nations is somewhat as rampant as malaria, from fierce rivalry in soccer to whose jollof tastes better(obviously Ghana's) to entertainment squabbles, its simply an unending number line.

Nigeria has consistently been bedeviled and plagued with political corruption. Corruption is getting even worse in Nigeria according to the CPI index released by Transparency International.

So it was a bit mind bubbling to hear Buhari state categorically in his speech yesterday during Ghana's Independence Celebration that a country sunken by corruption would help fight the same canker swamping their lands in a neighboring country Ghana.

Ironic right?

It's on this premise that Afia the realist took to instagram to vent her confusion and in the process set off another Ghana/Nigeria feud.

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