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‘Ghana beyond Aid’ needed for Ghana’s total independence – Lecturer

Lord Mensah89 Dr. Lord Mensah, senior lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School

Thu, 2 May 2019 Source:

A senior lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School Dr. Lord Mensah says Ghana can truly say it’s independent if it lives without aid from other countries.

“We can’t say we are independent as a country when our essential sectors are being fed by donor support. For instance, if you are looking at the education sector; you are looking at our health sector; it is like being in your home and not being able to get basic food to eat.

“So for me, as a country, for us to be independent we need Ghana beyond aid,” he told 3FM’s morning show host Winston Amoah.

President Akufo-Addo launched the strategic document for ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ during the labour day celebration to present the meaning, purpose and the calendar of implementation that will allow Ghana to reach its goal.

But Dr. Lord Mensah has a challenge with the timing, especially looking at the level of production in the country.

“As we speak now, can Ghana go beyond aid? It won’t be possible,” he said.

According to him for a country to be self-sufficient, it has to get its production to a certain level, and also attain some level of growth in terms of its industrialization.

“Now you look at the platform on which the charter was launched, it gives a signal that for Ghana to go beyond aid, it needs a certain output from the labour force. And that certain output does not come easily.”

He admonished that the charter should not be perceived as a particular party’s charter but should be adopted by the entire country and work towards it as a nation.

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