Election 2020: Overlord of Bawku endorses Akufo-Addo

Thu, 8 Oct 2020 Source: My News GH

Paramount Chief of the Kusaug Traditional Area, Zugraan Naaba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II, has thrown his weight behind President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to win the 2020 Presidential elections.

According to Zugraan Naaba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II, the implementation of policies like the free Senior High School(SHS) Policy has enriched the people of his traditional area hence his decision to endorse the President.

Speaking on his behalf at a durbar of Chiefs at Zebilla in the Bawku West District, the Chief of Binaba, Moses Apiah, said parents used to sell their cattle in order to pay school fees but the President's free SHS policy has ensured that they no longer sell these prized assets, adding that other policies such as the Nation Builder’s Corps, NABCO, have relieved them of financial burdens they used to shoulder.

“All the people in this area, the Kusaug land, have cattle to dowry our wives, have cattle for our income and have cattle for any other thing. We used to sell all our cattle to pay school fees. You have come at the right time to save mother Ghana."

"Mr. President, we thank you enormously. And the people of Kusaug particularly the people of Bawku West will never forget of you."

"You will come back and you will come back and you will continue to come back."

"Mr. President, the Zograna has asked me to make a solemn appeal to you that by all means, you will come back again the second time and when you come back, you should not forget about Bawku West. We are so large that we need another district”. He stated.

He also detailed that the Pwalugu Multipurpose Dam will bring a lot of benefits to the people, stressing that the wish of the people is for him to return [to power].

“The Zograna said I should let you know that the Pwalugu Multipurpose Dam will give us a lot of benefits… But being a listening president, start thinking about health infrastructure."

"The people who have gathered here today are listening to their chiefs, they’re listening to the good people of Kusaug and we say that we hail you. We wish you to come back, it is our prayer and may the Lord God bless you and may the fathers of our ancestors here bless you and let you go free and then we will make sure we vote massively for you and vote massively for Adongo, the MP who is standing here that he will continue with you and we see more projects."

"Four more for Nana, we the Chiefs are talking,” he assured.

This open support for the President comes at a time where Chiefs are being chastised for endorsing politicians.

Source: My News GH
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