General News Wed, 7 Mar 2018

'Ghana beyond aid' records highest thematic prominence

A thematic analysis of President Akufo-Addo's 61st Independence Speech has revealed that out of the 27 Themes analyzed "Ghana beyond Aid" recorded the highest thematic prominence of 17 percent.

This was followed by National Peace & Security with 12 percent.

Ranked third was ‘A Change in National Attitude for national development’ which recorded 10 percent.

The management of corruption attained the 4th position with a score of 7 percent.

National Values 5 percent,

Ghana's Destiny and Future 5 percent,

Digitization of the Economy 5 percent ,

Youth-Education & Skills Development 5 percent and Economic Transformation followed with five percent.

National Confidence and Respect theme placed 10th position out of the 27 themes with a score of 4 percent

The THEMATIC ANALYSIS of Presidential speeches by the Centre for Media Analysis allows for the critical appreciation of the Agenda set by Presidents for their nations.

It is therefore against this backdrop that the Centre took up the initiative to apply news THEMATIC content ANALYSIS to ascertain the levels of themes in the President's speech.

From the analysis it is clear, the President of Ghana is setting a new political legacy and economic trajectory for the country to work towards an economy devoid of excessive dependence on foreign aid.

The Centre for Media Analysis (CMA), is of the view that, the high ranking of the "Ghana beyond Aid" theme-, shouldn't be interpreted as government's insensitivity to National Peace and Security.

Source: gbcghana.com
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