Ghana beyond aid rhetoric

Akufo Addo   Meets The Press3 President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Tue, 27 Mar 2018 Source: Azeko Razak

It was a rainy night. The atmospheric temperature had decline. I will

usually stay not longer on bed. In a state of threshold consciousness,

I heard a sound bite "Ghana beyond aid" very amplifying.

This is resonating! It must be coming from a socialist.

It contains a booster.

It confirms my assertion,Nkrumah lives.

Dr kwame Nkrumah envisaged a country beyond aid and started the

processes of industrialization, self governance, positive resistance

to imperialism and many more.

With this sense of euphoria, I made my way to the washroom. First to

evacuate my colon and then take a bath. Then I heard the aged Nigerian

President, in an ailing voice say,"Nigeria to aid Ghana in combating

crime". Jesus Christ! At this point,it dorned on me that my President

is overwhelmed.

Still trying to understand his motivation, I drove through the city to

work at 8:30am.Straight into our sitting room,I met the orientation

nurse. She is the first to report to duty. Hannah is a purposeful

creature of God and well endowed. It's rumoured she has unmatched


She is a true reflection of the description in "In the chest of a

woman" The author said,

"In the chest of a woman lies not only a feebly heart but a flaming

desire for power and possession". Hannah's drive for power is

unflinching. We shook hands and I settled down for coffee.

A second sip of my coffee nearly got me aspirated. Why?because,the

first deputy speaker is seen on national television forcefully

advocating for Galamseyers to be shot at sight. Shocked, I made

efforts to convince myself whether he was speaking from Ghana's

parliament. Truly he was. I was waiting for the contributions of the

NPP hairdresser from Akwatia. The inputs never came anyway.

Feeling much pain and anguish,I glanced through a daily. This popular

phrase caught my attention"actionable intelligence " Hahahhaha. He

continued, my write ups were mainly perception driven. So I ask,your

call for "the looter John Mahama government to be voted out" was

premixed on perception? Ah! Well, this is a golden opportunity for you

to retrieve all booties from the Bole man.

Sir, I read your response to the suit brought against you by

Hon.Dominic Ayine. Honestly, I was disappointed. It appears to me like

a political banter instead. If in the event, Abronye DC passes his law

exams to become a lawyer and files these jaundiced response we may

stomach it but not you.

The next page was about the only righteous man in Ghana.

Some call him Mr Boom.

In revolutionary days he was Jnr Jesus. The booming was irritating,

Sir! I'm sorry. But you taught us to be bold and forthright. You

instilled in us positive defiance. Tell her to squeeze Hannah's hand

if given the opportunity again. She can use the picture of what you

did to Naadu Mills as a guide.

At this point my head began to ache. So I remembered the wise counsel

from Mensah Otabil. With a gladdened heart, I reached out for my TV

remote and changed the channel to watch animals. At least,I will

better appreciate the concept of animal farm. Hahhaha

Sir,when did you start watching these animals? Your prescription is

superb! I invite you to watch the elephants too.

The message alert that came through took my attention away from these

animals story. With much anticipation for a message from CAGD, I read

the message which says,Dear Customer be informed, an audit firm KPMG

has taken over Unibank.

As if these platinum of takeovers are not enough, the trainee minister

is out again. This time, he want the US to takeover our security

installations. Mr Minister, return their $20m. We are not ready to

have a US military base.

The average Ghanaian is peace loving and won't engage in anything that

will undermine his peace and sovereignty.

Columnist: Azeko Razak
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