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Is Ramadan an avenue for Sallah bills?

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Wed, 30 May 2018 Source: Asia Munkaila

It is an eyesore to see what our Muslim society is gradually turning into. Ramadan, the great period of spiritual rebirth, regrowth and great rewards which is supposed to be for seeking forgiveness from the Almighty Allah is fast becoming a ‘tax’ collecting avenue for some of our sisters with PhD’s in Tax Law.

The catalyst to this excrescence is the normalized act of some of our ladies who refuse to fast during the last 10 days of Ramadan all because they want to ‘keep their bodies in shape’ and ‘perfectly befitting’ for their dresses during Eid.

OH! HOW I WEEP FOR YOU! Is bleaching your skin from its lust chocolate color to an ugly pinkish color not enough? Are you not satisfied with your greenish veins protruding from your skin? How about those eyelashes competing with the skies for space? Why do you take pleasure in blatantly disrespecting Allah? Do you ever think of the hereafter? Does the mystery of sleeping and never waking up frighten you too?

Oh my sister! Does the name Hajj Shuaib ring a bell?

Perhaps you only heard his name on TV. What about the young man next door who died last month? Perhaps that’s last month so you've forgotten. What about the ambulance that passed by you this afternoon on its way to Awudome cemetery?

Why are you hell bent on incurring the wrath of Allah in this month? Shouldn’t you be doing the opposite instead? Forget about that young man you are mounting the Sallah bill pressure on. Nothing stops you from working hard and paying for your own Sallah bills. Take a cue from the hard working “kayayo" who hustles from dusk till dawn to be her own boss.

It’s funny how last year was all about Indomie and WhatsApp Lace. Well this year Shatta Wale has taken over with Gringo lace and he is being closely followed by Patapaa slippers.

My beautiful young Muslimah wearing Gringo lace is not Sunnah. Neither is it obligatory. If you cannot afford lace and still want to wear something, remember to cut your coat according to your cloth.

Remember that beauty and class can never be bought.

To my brothers, “look sharp.” Save for your future and don’t let Sallah bills give you blood pressure. I leave you all with these words of the Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that “the world is the Prison of the Mumin and the paradise of the Kafir".


Columnist: Asia Munkaila
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