Marwarko 'assault': Incident has been exaggerated - Kitchen supervisor

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Tue, 7 Mar 2017 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Contrary to criticisms following the actions of Jihad Chaaban the Lebanese national who allegedly dipped the face of 25-year-old Evelyn Boakye, his employee in freshly blended pepper, Kitchen supervisor at the Abelempke branch of the Mawarko restaurant, Benard Opoku says the incident may have been overstated.

According to him, Mr. Jihaad did not pour pepper on the face of the lady as some kitchen staff reported instead he said, he merely pushed her head slightly as a form of reproof.

Reports suggest Evelyn was allegedly assaulted by her supervisor while she was blending pepper. Jihad Chaaban, the accused is said to have dipped her face in the bowl of blended pepper after pouring it out, his reason being that the blender was ‘making noise” and could have been destroyed.

But Kitchen supervisor Benard Opoku says this couldn’t have been a deliberate act by the supervisor as nothing of the sort has ever occurred at the restaurant. According to him, the supervisor occasionally scolds employees when they commit certain blunders in the dispensation of their duties, adding however that it has never exceeded verbal rebuke.

“According to the girls, they say the man poured the thing in her face, but I’m not sure that he poured the thing inside her face, but normally he can push your head and ask ‘so what you’re doing is it good’? That’s what goes on”, he said.

Speaking on Evelyn’s claim that she was prevented from going home after the incident to avoid the issue being reported, he said the managers were merely trying to ensure she was ‘okay enough’ to be able to move out on her own.

He revealed that after the incident, one supervisor called her out and they had a hearty chat and laughed over the issue so she could be calmer before leaving the premises. He also added that the supervisor gave her some money to foot her hospital bills after advising she went to the hospital for treatment to which the lady agreed.

“when the thing poured, one of the supervisors wanted to make sure she was relaxed before he could allow her to go home, the supervisor tried to calm her down so that case won’t go anywhere, around 7,8 pm when she said she wanted to leave the supervisor handling the case gave her some money for the hospital and told her to bring the rest of the bills later. She closed and didn’t return on Tuesday, so it’s not anything serious such that he poured the pepper on her face”.'

Mr. Opoku said he was surprised the news went viral the next day because it was unexpected since the girl seemed normal the day the incident occurred.

He dismissed claims of abuse of employees by supervisors at the restaurant adding that they are only rebuked when the need arises.

Jihad Chaaban, the accused has since the incident been suspended by management from the Abelenkpe branch of the Mawarko restaurant.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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