Open letter to the all the European Diplomatic Missions in Ghana

Akufo Addo GALOP File Photo of President Akufo-Addo

Sat, 27 Feb 2021 Source: Nana Kwafo

His/Her Excellencies:

The youth in Ghana have been quizzed into confusion by the latest events/occurrences. The Government of Ghana, under the leadership of Nana Akufo-Addo and his NPP cohorts have adopted unprecedented boldness to legalize corruption through the country's highest legal office (Supreme Court of Ghana) as exhibited to the World during the ongoing deliberations between the Petitioner and the Respondent (John Dramani Mahama/NDC and Jean Mensa /NPP ) which was televised for the world to see .

The shameful charade of our Supreme Court will soon end , leaving young people in the same limbo of desperation because President of our nation according to our Constitution is not legitimate since he didn't get the 50.1% needed to win the December 7th 2020 elections.

At this juncture, l am sure some of you reading this would be wondering WHY THE EUROPEAN DIPLOMATIC Missions in Ghana, well the answer is very simple., the corrupt malfeasance of government officials/political appointees/public figures has its rippling effect on the flow of ILLEGAL MIGRATION into Europe.

Hundreds of young people risk their lives to flee from Governments such as the NPP Government in Ghana who claim they used 43 Million US dollars to dredge a small gutter in Accra, while youth unemployment has peaked to its boiling point.

The European Union governments have failed Africans and more precisely Ghanaians when they missed out on the opportunity to critically look at the incoming government of Nana Akufo-Addo when it took office in 2016 with empty slogans (Africa Beyond Aid) that his team knew would ghost-light policy makers in the countries across Europe who were themselves looking to ways to stop funding Aid programs to African governments.

Fast-Forward to 2021, the world (especially Ghanaians) , have witnessed a level of corruption NEVER before seen in our lifetime, with blatant disregard to the very laws that are supposed to keep/build our civil society into a progressive one. Sectors that have suffered a lot as a result of bad corrupt governance of the Ghanaian government include

A. Health

B. Education

C. Security

Healthcare in Ghana has reached at all time low, since this government has in its four (4yrs) in power, not built nor erected, nor refurbished any health Post/Hospital in the entire country, leaving the current structures to rot .

The Education sectors is clogged and under paid, with not a single school block built in over four (4yrs) in government

Security is one major area that has since a major breakdown of law and order , since even Judges can be in session and a group of Political thugs can walk in to free their colleague who is on trial for offences caused, and go scot free, the average Ghanaian today is more afraid today for the safety of their life and property, since Police men and women have become political stooges working only for the political party of the day .

Journalists being gagged , threatened, and killed all under the watch of the current government., leaving only Media Houses owned and run by friends of the government to propagate the very lies that are fed to the International Community and Ghanaians alike.

The youth and general public in Ghana have had it, and with this open letter to the various Western missions in Ghana, we want to say this. Your Diplomatic Consulates/Embassies/Missions, are in Accra, you live amongst us as invisible as you all do due to the various diplomatic protocols that you all try to adhere to , yet when there is an uprising, remember it can spill over to your various residences and the sheer number of people may become too overwhelming to contain, so the SEE NO EVIL , HEAR NO EVIL approach that your governments have played for centuries, enabling one group of greedy people, to suppress their people, maim and kill there own people, etc has consequences, in fact immediate consequences, as seen across the Mediterranean shores of Italy and Spain, where again African youths risks everything to reach, because they can no longer stand the level of corruption and suppression meted on their lives as a direct result of your engagements/partnerships with these tyrannical governments across Africa to which the current government of Ghana is no exception.

Finally, the void being created by this See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil mentality of Western Nations, especially countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, USA, France, Holland, Denmark, is being filled with radical views/opinions as well as desperate measures/decisions that can easily be funded by certain Asian countries/governments., though all of the above-mentioned countries had their Heads of States/Reps flocking into Ghana in 2016 to secure slots of investments without holding the very people they are entering into agreements with , accountable to the atrocities they are meting on their own people.

The new generation of Ghanaians ( Africans) are ready to address our issues that's if stakeholders like European Union Countries, can begin to understand the need to highlight through its partnership forums the need for governments such as ours to step up to the table of accountability to we the people., our resources over the years has brought wealth and welfare to your people across Europe and all we are asking is that you stand with us to end the very corruption that has fueled the deaths of our young people fleeing the shores of Africa in such for greener pastures in Europe where they are NOT welcomed/nor wanted.

On behalf of the people of Ghana , we say enough is enough, stop sitting on the sideline and watch us destroy the democracy we fought so hard to get , you listen to our radio programs, watch our news files on TV, read some of our newspapers etc, so lets get a sense of your engagement for what is right, partner with us to stop corruption , hidden killings, kidnapping , gagging of people by Government of Ghana Political operatives/thugs, There is a wealth of information/data on the Loud Silence Radio & TV, run by Kevin Ebo Taylor YouTube channel that has catalogued the ROT and CORRUPTION of this government., and if indeed we live in a global village , then its time we also become each other's keeper . Because as it stands it seems Western Nations only engage with us when you want us to embrace LGBT and care less if our leaders are oppressive nor corrupt.

Copies of this Open Letter , will be made available to the various embassie/missions email addresses , as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of these Missions/Consulates/Embassies, and to the BBC Africa /FranceInternational/DeutchwelleEnglish/VOA/Al-Jazeera Africa / CNN Africa / FoxNews / NOS/ ChinaNews /DutchNews/ and MoscowTimes

Let the dialogue for reforms in governance begin now. It begins with we the youth. God bless our home land Ghana.

Respectfully yours,

Nana Kwafo


Columnist: Nana Kwafo
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