Weed allegedly found on pastor who threatened EC boss

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Tue, 9 Jun 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Per information available in the media, parcels of a substance suspected to be marijuana (weed) have been found on Apostle Kwabena Owusu Agyei who was arrested earlier Tuesday morning for threatening to kill chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

The self-acclaimed prophet who was arrested in the middle of a live radio interview by National Security operatives was later captured in another video displaying parcels of weed; with security operatives in the background heard castigating his actions.

Apostle Kwabena Owusu Agyei at a Church Service on Facebook live on Sunday warned the EC boss to halt her decision to compile a new voters’ register for the upcoming polls.

While displaying his voters’ ID, Apostle Kwabena Owusu Agyei insisted that if the voters’ register undergoes any substantive changes, the Electoral Commissioner will die.

In his words the EC chairperson, Jean Mensa will die at 12 midday if she goes ahead with the compilation of the new register.

The prophet also emphatically stated that, during the June 4 revolution, the blood of military men was shed but what he is hearing this time, it is the blood of the ‘Akyem mafia’ that will flow.

“Let me tell them (Akyems) something, on June 4 people were crying let the blood flow, it was only military people whose blood flowed… Today as I hear the let the blood flow, it is the blood of the Akyem Mafia that will flow… I saw Akyem Kyebi palace, I saw it on fire and people were saying let the blood flow,” he said while warning President Akufo-Addo to not open the borders for prospective runaways.

"I'm telling Jean Mensa today... If Jean Mensa thinks she was not born of a woman but came from some other angle, she should go ahead and do the new register. She will die 12 midday. She will die just like that. Nonsense! Idiot! You're an idiot Jean Mensa... Stupid Akufo-Addo girl..." he fumed.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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