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Who has made you authority over Ghana laws, oh ye 'know-all' highly educated ones?

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Fri, 5 Mar 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

I can hardly get my head around the viewpoints as are publicly expressed by some Ghanaian PhD holders and other founders of some Civil Society Organizations (CSO).

Like the nose, each person has one that befits their face. They are entitled to their views the same way as I am entitled to mine, despite how silly they may appear.

There are certain Ghanaian PhD holders and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of CSOs who have decided to criticise any move made by the President, the NPP government and certain state institutions no matter how such policies and programmes are credible and in the best collective but not partisan interests, of the people and the nation.

What shocks me a lot is to see these individuals always interpret the relevant statutory laws upside down. Is it to suit their parochial interests or that of their political partisanship? They are always seen to be supportive of those flouting the laws as long as it fits into the grand scheme of their probably partisan or selfish personal interests.

When the Electoral Commission decides on enforcing the constitutional requirements for Ghanaian citizenship to prepare a new voter register, these people have a problem. When the Supreme Court enforces the constitutional articles, rules of court, case law, known court procedures and best court practices as are relevant to election petitions, these same people have a problem.

When the President orders the Auditor General Daniel Domelevo, a public servant, although a constitutional independent entity, to proceed on leave to exhaust his three-year accumulated annual paid holiday leave, citing the relevant laws and precedent to back his action, these people have a problem.

When Daniel Domelevo is uncovered to have been lying about his age, place of birth and less importantly, his nationality, these same individuals are again making noises in support of Domelevo but in condemnation of the laws and those seeking to defend the laws.

Who has made Kwaku Azar, Henry Kwasi Prempeh and Franklin Cudjoe authorities over every policy and programme initiated in Ghana? Unfortunately, there are other equally empty vessels with PhD degrees hurtling to join their show off empty crusade of always ganging up against the leadership and the laws of the land.

It is only in Ghana that good-for-nothing supposedly highly educated ones in the society are worshipped as tin gods.

They have to respect the laws if not the leadership. If they will allow their selfish and partisan interests to redirect them, then I shall always be on their heels cracking the whip on their back.

To be honest, they are seen by me as empty vessels making the most noise if they have difficulty respecting the laws. Their knowledge acquired as lawyers or whatever is not serving the best interests of Ghana if I were to tell it to their face, although they are entitled to their warped views.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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