Why is it that we Africans know the cause of every death?

Rawlings E1596632210247 Flt. Jerry John Rawlings died on Thursday, November 12

Mon, 16 Nov 2020 Source: Charles Yeboah

Maybe it should be the reason for how we fear death. It's either the poor village woman, “the witch", or an envious family member, or that woman who want to inherit the rich husband's estate that kills the dead. There is nothing like natural death in Ghana or Africa. We must always have the cause to blame this and that for the death of our loved ones.

What's it about this "preventable death, preventable death" Ghanaians are now saying about the death of Ghana's former president, Jerry John Rawlings?

Why do we become happy only in times when mistakes leads to a happy ending in our lives? But frowns and gnash our teeth only when the tables turn on the other side? Ghanaians and Africans detest misfortune and pray always to have it far distant from us. Human beings, in general, are like that actually. But this our legendary affinity to jumping to a hasty conclusion after hearing the announcement of our dead ones should be addressed and nailed forever using president Rawlings' own.

With my personal experience (s) and what I've read about/from others, I am convinced beyond any shred of doubt that; what we call "mistakes" are the very routes through which we humans pass to achieve God's course for our lives.

This does not mean the believer is to be foolhardy and be jumping across the blaze wearing cotton linen. Being careful is the mark of the wise. It's a timeless life-guide walking by this.

Why must Ghanaians/Africans always have someone to blame for the death of our loved ones?

When Bingo Wa Mutharika was flown from Malawi to seek healthcare in South Africa, he died there. The Malawians said, "the president wouldn't had died if he was given a domestic treatment".

Three months after, July 2012, President Attah Mills died in a Ghanaian hospital, the people said: "if he was flown outside the country, say, South Africa, he should be living by now".

Now it's Jerry John Rawlings' demise. Those who with their eyes knows what amount of salt there is in a pot of soup on fire said: "JJ would have been with us going into the December 7, 2020 elections, if he was taken to this "best hospital" and be treated by that "doctor- know -it -all".

What's wrong with us? What use have we for the many moral lessons we learn from imported religious books and our folklores?

In my native Goka, we say "Ab?fra a ?b?wuo no, ?nhw? s? ?hy? Roma S?fo? b?t? mu"._ Which literally translates as "it doesn't matter if it's in Roman Father's pocket you hide abound to die, baby, it’ll still die."

Yes, since we do respect our laws, the best thing we have done as a country now is to wait for the autopsy report on President Rawlings' remains. If one is found to foully taken the life of the former Head of State, we hold them on for that.

Till we wait for such time and test the system, we rather let the "People's Man" Papa J, rest in perfect peace than resorting to insulting the intelligence of his caregivers, the family, who saw him through his last moments.

Death of a loved one is such a sensitive and emotional thing, and it pains as the hot iron pierces through the heart when the bereaved is not given the needed peace of mind to mourn the departed by quack medical experts whose only diagnosis and pronouncements are chauffeured on a rickety chariot of rumour-mongering and character assassination.

Who a physician can claim it proudly that his practice does save the bound to die?

The former first family, as well as lovers of President Rawlings, are going through pains. Now is the time they need our prayers and condolences, not the time to act as pathologists who claims to know it all, but indeed knows only what causes pains to the already pained.

Gracious God, keep us still under the Grace and bless the gentle soul of Chairman Rawlings.

Fare thee well soldier, comrade Rawlings!!!!

Columnist: Charles Yeboah
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