Alawa galore: Give us financial clearance - Nurses demand

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Fri, 1 Feb 2019 Source: otionline.com

September Rotational Nurses and Midwives Association (SRNMA) have expressed their frustration with government's delay in disbursing their allowances.

They lamented that since September 2017, two years of completing their training and still undergoing their mandatory National service, they have not been cleared.

In an interview with otionline.com correspondent Yentumi Mawuli, the Upper West Regional Coordinator of the group (SRNMA), Mr. Gepoase Emmanuel said since September 2017 they have not gotten their financial clearance from Ministry of Health for their arrears to be paid.

"We started our mandatory National service since September 1, 2018, we haven't gotten our financial clearance. Follow up checks revealed that the (MOH) Ministry Of Health is not even aware of us", he lamented.

Mr.Gepoase Emmanuel that they wrote several letters to the MOH, but to no avail.

"I was shocked when the Deputy Minister of Health said they were not aware of us. Is a big situation, I want to plead with the government to give us the financial clearance so that we can get our allowance", he noted.

Otionline.com sighted a letter dated 23rd December 2018 which was addressed to the president of Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association reminding it's office for the delay in giving them their financial clearance and among other important issues.

"It's an indisputable fact that there's truism in the adage "army marches on its stomach" but the harsh economic conditions of the Septemeber Nurse/Midwife intern has made this popular saying".

They claimed in the letter that "the hardship is affecting us both psychologically and socially as we are facing humiliations from friends and persons we have borrowed from".

Source: otionline.com
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