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Saving lives with Thai Massage – Yaw Tutu

The personal grooming industry in Ghana has been growing astronomically in the past few years.

Experts have attributed this to a fast-expanding middle class which naturally comes with new expenditure patterns and forces growth in specific areas of the economy. Fashion and lifestyle are among such areas and personal grooming is key in that basket.

Massage therapy belongs in this basket and Thai Massage is easily the king of all Massage Therapy. Though relatively new to Ghana, its effects of Thai Massage are being felt in different quarters of the country.

All over the world, people in the middle-class bracket tend to have jobs that force a stress-inducing lifestyle. In a conversation with Yaw Tutu, a US-trained Thai massage expert, he threw some light on the problem; The body was made to move. Even babies move continuously while lying awake and will cry if they are not picked up and rocked or walked occasionally. We never outgrow this need to be in constant motion.

Unfortunately, most jobs in the middle-class group tend to minimize this much-needed motion. Most are managers who spend long hours at a desk, in meetings and even in long traffics bedevilled by unacceptable driver behaviour.

A flight between Accra and London alone takes six hours. This tends to cause the body to ache in all places especially in the shoulders, back, and waist. The lymphatic system, which operates due to muscular contraction, becomes stagnant due to the lack of movement and leads to poor circulation, headaches, and other internal problems and this is all from the physical dimension.


There is a lot of pressure that comes from jobs that have the big responsibility. Folks in such jobs often lead teams from middle-level management to upper-level management roles. Many are entrepreneurs and both success and failure are directly dependent on their daily decisions. They also carry the weight of junior staff and their responsibilities.

In Ghana, the unsuccessful schoolmate, the neighbor, and his friends, as well as members of your extended family, become your responsibility because you are deemed rich and must help everyone. The stress keeps piling up with no real end in sight unless one finds a way of dealing with it on a regular basis. The usual solution to this high-stress lifestyle is drugs and alcohol as they provide a temporary relief. Many have ended in depression and other conditions related to substance abuse.

Those who are aware enough turn to natural and innovative treatments like massage therapy. Unfortunately, there are different types of massages and not all are able to treat all stress and muscle issues. It also doesn’t help that the growth of the industry has attracted many unqualified people who are in to make a quick buck and therefore do a low-quality job.

Many are turning to Thai massage as the solution to all these problems and this explains its growth. Thai Massage, with roots in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, created in a Buddhist monastery by the Buddha’s doctor, Dr Jivaka. It was created to help monks sit for long hours in meditation. This makes it perfect for the lifestyle of those who sit for long hours.

Thai massage is the only system that works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and this is what makes it the perfect tool to solve the ever-present stress-related problems.

Yaw Tutu is the only known certified Thai massage Therapist in Ghana who has been working hard to save the nations from an impending stress implosion. He is a nomadic world traveller who loves teaching and practising Thai massage, Qigong, Tai Chi, Reiki and Food Healing. A product of Florida Massage School, Yaw is the founder and CEO of 1Touch Thai Massage Centre in Ghana and the US.

He has travelled extensively all over the world teaching different healing modalities and recently visited Thailand to reacquaint himself with and practice Traditional Thai Massage. As a multidimensional traveller and anchor between the seen and unseen, Yaw uses his gift to help people not just physically but also spiritually.

Whatever conditions you have, 1 Touch Massage Centre is a good place to start since most illnesses have been found to be stress related. For more information follow the link to their website https://1touchtmc.com/ or call 0238479930

Source: spid-up.info
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