Cleric predicts victory for NPP, Buhari

Mon, 16 Mar 2015 Source: Daily Guide

Malam Shamuna Ustaz Jibril, the man who is credited with many predictions which he attributes to God and through his powers, has predicted a massive victory for General Muhammed Buhari in the forthcoming polls in Nigeria.

In the same vein, he said a spiritual calculation also puts the New Patriotic Party (NPP) ahead of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) should an election be held in 2016.

In the case of the Nigerian polls, he said in his latest release on the politics in both Africa’s most populous nation points out that “Buhari’s All People’s Congress (APC)will register a marvelous performance in the forthcoming polls.”

“The APC will win in Lagos State by 53%, Kano, 70%; Borno State, 87%; Yola and Adamawa States 85%, Katsina State and Delta States 55% and 35% respectively,” he said.

Continuing, the cleric said, “Using the Holy Quran, I can predict that the APC will win 54% of the total votes while its rival PDD will get 38%.”

Continuing, however, he mentioned that “Goodluck Jonathan will seek to massage the figures in his favour, especially in Delta, Cross River and Ogun States. PDP will be involved in ballot box snatching in Port Harcourt which will be pursued by APC supporters.”

Nigeria’s Electoral Commission, he said, would attempt announcing their own results outside the real ones, a situation which would plunge the country into chaos.

“I call on Buhari to stand his ground and insist that the right thing is done.

I also call on Goodluck Jonathan to hand over power as quickly as possible otherwise his wife, the defence minister and the head of the Electoral Commission will find their way to the ICC eventually. No matter how much Goodluck tries to change the results, he won’t succeed. If Goodluck insists some of his cabinet ministers would be killed in the ensuing mayhem and their houses torched. It will take over a week for the results to be declared. Boko haram insurgents will vandalise some polling stations and kill 10 persons, but 15 of their men will also be killed in Bawolli, Yola, Jos and Maiduguri.”

He asked the world to pray for Nigeria because things would be rough during and after the elections.

In Togo, he predicted that the incumbent Faure Eyadema would win the polls by 53 percent. In the US, he predicted that the Republicans must work hard to take power from the Democrats.

In Burkina Faso, he said the polls date would be postponed by three months.

In Ghana, he said, “Were elections to be held in 2016, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will register the following results “Greater Accra Region, 70%; Ashanti Region, 88%; Eastern Region, 85%; Western Region, 79%; Volta Region, 35%.

I, however, doubt if there is going to be elections in that year. Should there be elections, however, the foregone are the results to be registered.”

Besides the energy crisis, there would be other challenges between now and August, one of which would be a major water shortage.

“One of the former American presidents will pass away,” he added.

Source: Daily Guide
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