Politics Sat, 15 Oct 2016

Edward Bawa begs Bongo NDC

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for Bongo Constituency in the Upper East Region, Edward Bawa, has finally begged all aggrieved members and supporters of the party in the constituency for forgiveness for his actions.

Mr. Bawa pleaded with members of the NDC in the constituency, who had been offended by his actions and comments in the primary, to let sleeping dogs lie.

Many observers thought the NDC parliamentary candidate would never beg for forgiveness and reconcile members of the fragmented NDC in Bongo before December 7 due to the fact that Bongo has been a safe seat for the NDC over the years.

The parliamentary candidate launched his campaign with a colourful event, which attracted hundreds of supporters and members of the NDC from all parts of the constituency.


Before the launch, many people thought the breakaway pressure group known as ‘Lailai’ would pose a threat to his candidature.

But addressing the NDC members and supporters at the launch at Bongo, Mr Bawa indicated that the party suffered post-election crisis which he claimed was addressed by party executives and some bigwigs in the constituency.

The outgoing Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bongo Constituency and Upper East Regional Minister, Albert Abongo appealed to all aggrieved persons in the party to forgive the parliamentary candidate and ensure that the NDC retains the Bongo seat.

According to him, the NDC, over the years, has effectively developed deprived communities in the country.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com