I only sounded a warning with my ‘blood spill’ comment -Yamoah Ponkoh

Yamoah Ponko45 Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh, a leading member of the National Democratic Party in the Ashanti Region

Mon, 20 Jan 2020 Source: 3news.com

A leading member of the National Democratic Party in the Ashanti Region, Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh, has justified his ‘blood spill’ comment, claiming it was made in context.

Appearing on a local radio station in Kumasi last week, the former MCE for Ejisu-Juabeng got infuriated on the basis that the NPP was using lies to destroy people.

An apparent furious Yamoah Ponkoh responded: “This year, we will see…you used lies to win power and using same to destroy people. This year will be bloody”.

His comment and the used of sexually explicit words have been condemned by some people who believe it amounts to security threat.

But the firebrand in an interview with our correspondent William Evans-Nkum on Monday said he was only sounding a word of caution.

“I said that in context as a result of certain comments that was actually made by a colleague at the studio of Pure FM. I never made any statement that could threaten the security of our dear nation. I only sounded a warning” he explained.

Meanwhile, the NDC firebrand has said the stand taken by the coalition of opposition parties against the compilation of the new voters’ register is legitimate and not intended to sabotage the Electoral Commission whatsoever.

“The stand that the opposition has taken, especially the NDC, is not to sabotage anybody but it’s about the truth because we don’t see the reason why the electoral commission should disregard the existing register and go for a new one,” he told our reporter ahead of Tuesday’s demo in the Ashanti Region.

According to him, “If you look at the arguments we’ve been putting forth, I think it sounds well”.

In his view, there is not much time for the Electoral Commission to compile a new voters’ register, stating “looking at the timeframe within which they are to compile the register, test run the machines and all that, I don’t think 10 months will be enough for the Electoral Commission to do such a whole big thing.

He accused the NPP of being in bed with the Electoral Commission and warned them to be very careful.

“They are in collaboration with the Electoral Commission in this country and if care is not taken, if they don’t manage their things well, that could lead to bloody situations”

Source: 3news.com
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