I owe you nothing! Report me to the police if I've 'stolen' any party property - Allotey Jacobs dares NDC

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Fri, 26 Mar 2021 Source: peacefmonline.com

Dismissed member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Bernard Allotey Jacobs has dared the party to report him to the Police if they think he has any NDC property in his possession.

The NDC, on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, released a statement dismissing Allotey Jacobs after suspending him for months for exhibiting what the party described as ''anti-party conduct''.

“At our meeting on Wednesday 17th March 2021, the Functional Executive Committee of the NDC considered the report and recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee on the case or misconduct and anti-party behaviour brought against you Mr. Allotey Jacobs pursuant to articles 48(I) (b) and 8 (b) of the NDC Constitution.

“The Committee’s report which is herein attached for your attention found you guilty of the said allegations of misconduct, anti-party conduct and recommended among other things your immediate expulsion from the party. The Functional Executive Committee acting in compliance of Article 48(1) of the NDC Constitution has unanimously adopted the report and accepts fully its recommendation for your expulsion from the party.

“You are therefore by the decision of FEC, expelled from the National Democratic Congress and for that matter no more recognized as a member of the party and cannot carry yourself as such," the statement read.

Interestingly, the embattled NDC stalwart dismissed himself about a month ago before the party's released its official statement.

Speaking during a panel discussion on Peace FM's morning show ''Kokrokoo'',he said; “I no longer belong to the NDC...I know I have been suspended but I've dismissed myself. I’m not going to join the NPP; I will never be an NPP member but I'm no longer with the NDC..."

The party says Allotety Jacobs should return any property in his possession.

“You are by this letter and pursuant to Article 48(10) directed to return any party properties that may be in your custody and shall forfeit any money, dues or subscription fees made to the Party.”

But Allotey, speaking on ''Kokrokoo'' on Wednesday, March 24, is least perturbed about the party's order.

According to him, there is nothing for him to return to the NDC.

"Police Regional Headquarters is in the Central Region, they should go and report that they gave me a pesewa, T-shirts, posters or cars. They should prove it . . . I don't have anything belonging to the NDC. I don't even know their cheque number. I've never even signed their cheque before. It was my Deputy Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who were signing it. I don't even go and collect their money," he stated.

He, however, admitted he acquired a Toyota Land Cruiser while he was a member of the party but quickly added it doesn't belong to the NDC.

"I bought my Land Cruiser from Ibrahim Mahama", he emphasized and touted the virtues of Mr. Ibrahim Mahama saying ''you know Ibrahim, so soft; so nice. He didn't gift it to me but he sold it to me for less a price. So, I can say I paid half-way but it was almost a dash. That's why, everyday, I cherish him in my heart because of his character and the way he approaches people''.

Source: peacefmonline.com
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