NPP insiders speak of silenced horror

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Wed, 30 Nov 2016 Source: Kasapa FM

The main opposition party is not ready for Ghana’s highest office.

A new documentary making rounds paints a bleak picture of the Danquah-Busia party, positioning them as a violence prone unit that is not ready for political office.

The documentary, worked on by an independent private production company Young Executives Forum, details chilling accounts by some members of the party.

In the video, they are seen recounting events of the last few years at the hands of key figures within the party.

All this inner-party victimization due to the fact that during their intra-party primaries, they threw their support behind other, worthy, aspiring party leaders, and not the current flag-bearer.

The worst part of this expose is that perpetrators of the violent faced no consequences for their actions.

After suffering grave abuse and victimization, they speak of their pain and how they lost appetite for a party that has been plagued with violence in the build up to this year’s elections.

It would appear that these victims are speaking out ahead of elections, so that the public can see the dark side which the party does not want the public to see.

On record, they are seen and heard sharing emotional accounts of brutality at the hands of persons close to key executives of the party.

Persons they knew and had worked with cordially, under the leadership of the previous flag-bearer.

The Young Executive Network, end their documentary by urging Ghanaians to use their conscience; before voting for a divisive and seemingly dictatorial and violent person.



Source: Kasapa FM
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