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NPP parliamentary polls: Ejura at a standstill as Gifty Ndoma picks nomination forms

Gifty Ndoma  NPP Nomination Gifty Ndoma (middle) and her supporters matching to pick up her nomination form

Mon, 17 Jul 2023 Source: Alhajj Suleman

As the NPP gears to conduct its presidential primaries, it has also opened nominations for parliamentary primaries in the orphan constituencies where the party has no seats.

One of such constituencies is the Ejura-Sekyeredumasi constituency of the Ashanti Region which has been traditionally an NDC seat. The constituency was brought to a standstill on Friday, July 14, 2023, as Gifty Ndoma, the constituency secretary picked her nomination form.

Many pandits have tipped the young charismatic politician to have what it takes to give the NDC a run for their money in the constituency.

The streets of Ejura were filled with a huge crowd who accompanied Ndoma to pick her nomination. There was funfair, pomp and pageantry with supporters cladded in T-shirts embossed with her pictures.

Speaking to journalists, some of the supporters said "we believe she is the only one who can win the seat for the NPP". "We love her, she is very kind and hardworking".

Gifty Ndoma on her part, told journalists that she was only in the race to "win the seay for the NPP and provide the people of Ejura with the needed representation in parliament".

Asked if she thinks she can win, she responded that "I am in this race because the people are calling on me after seeing my many years of dedicated service to the party and the constituency". Touching on her ability to beat the NDC, she said "I have the charisma that permeates the political divide, members of the NDC love me and some of said they will vote for the NPP should I appear on the ballot paper in 2024.... so yes, I can beat the NDC".

The two-time constituency secretary was prevented from contesting in the last elections when the Ashanti Regional party decided to institute an 'unopposed' policy in all orphan constituencies in the region.

However, Ndoma contributed to the campaign and donated items, including motorbikes to assist the party, despite what many deemed to be the 'injustice' meted out to her.

She had earlier issued a statement recusing herself from all matters related to the upcoming primaries as directed by the party.

Below is the full statement:

Statement on declaration of intent and recusal from all primaries related issues

I hereby serve notice, pursuant to the clarion call by all party faithfuls, of my intention to contest to become the Parliamentary Candidate for the New Patriotic Party in Ejura Sekyeredumasi constituency.

In arriving at this decision, I have weighed my capabilities and assessed the dynamics of the constituency, and have come to an irresistible conclusion that I have what it takes not only to win the upcoming primaries, but to ultimately annex the seat for the New Patriotic Party, come 2024.

At the risk of re-stating the obvious, I have dedicated the past years of my life serving the New Patriotic Party in various capacities and consolidating the Party's base to make it stronger for any contest against the NDC. This, I believe, I have achieved well - both in my capacity as Constituency Secretary and in my private capacity.

I am by this statement, making a passionate call to every well-meaning party person to come on board and support this worthy cause. I urge all my supporters to refrain from acts that could potentially disunite the Party. I advise that we do a decorous and issue-based campaign, devoid of invectives and provocations.

I shall in the coming days, outdoor my plans and vision for the Party and the Constituency at large. The central theme of my campaign will be "working together, winning together".

From the foregoing, I wish to, in accordance with Rule 22 of the Rules and Regulations Governing the Conduct of Parliamentary Primaries in Orphan Constituencies, recuse myself from all issues pertaining to the party's upcoming parliamentary primaries.

Source: Alhajj Suleman
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