President Mahama dazzles on Good Evening Ghana

Wed, 7 Sep 2016 Source: kasapafmonline.com

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On Tuesday 6th September 2016 President John Dramani Mahama who had the title Nana Ahobrasehene Toaso I confered on him by the Agonaman Traditional chief was ones again at his usual best as an expert in communication on the flagship program Good Evening Ghana of Metro TV.

He exhibited his prowess with dexterity over issues that concerns Ghana. On economy he said Ghana was ranked second to Nigeria in West Africa, also Ghana is ahead of Ivory Coast according UN indicators. Currently Ghana is ranked second again to Cape Verde in terms of social amenities.

All these indeed can be experienced in the confidence many international monetary bodies and investors have shown in our economy In the area of power and water he stated that ” we have taken access to water from 58% in 2008 to 76% as at 2015, currently Accra accessibility to water is 50 million gallons which has curtailed the issue of yellow gallons.

On rural electrification project management Ghana is second to South Africa and he said Ghana is in the era of energy security to even export gas to earn as more revenue.

This is obvious baring all technical hitches that confronts the nation. He passed the integrity test by saying ” I haven’t made Ghana a paradise but I’ve taken us higher from the point my predecessors ended” President made profound submission on rule of law but state that he swore an oath by the constitution always take decision in line with the constitution.

It is same he did with the Montie3 saga haven’t been petitioned and had the Council of State give their recommendations before providing remission of sentence. He did this also to promote freedom of speech with responsibility, he admonish the media to go beyond the propaganda of politicians.

He stated he is always guided by rule of law hence his approach to the Ford gift was to use appropriate lawful medium. Due to few sighted lapses he instructed CHRAJ to come up with a legal frame in receiving such gifts in the future for all public workers.

On petition over the Ford saga at CHRAJ he has asked his lawyers to respond and act on his behalf. His achievement in health sector is enormous, aside over 1000 CHPS compounds, Ridge Hospital upgrade and expansion, building from scratch another 37 Military Hospital in Ashanti region he said ” more professionals are being trained so that we can stack the new facilities” like ongoing works at Bolga, Wa and Takoradi Hospitals.

He said that funding is being sort to build 5 polyclinics in Volta and Eastern Regions. On his health, he stated that “If Ghanaians indicate that they want to know of the health records of candidates, I will readily give mine”.

But he was quick to admonished his fellow compatriots not to run on the health of their opponents. On his opponents, he said again that Ghana at the moment need a leaded who will keep fostering the unity of purpose of the nation.

Among the lot we can without mincing words that he is the obvious choice to have exhibited the spirit of unity and good will. On roads construction our president admitted not to have constructed all roads but his achievements is there for all to see.

During his terms 22 contractors have asphalt plants and about 16 them are Ghanaians. This is a good strategy to grow our own expertises On Education, he said ” we are not satisfied with WASSCE performance but they have been getting better “.

He clarified that teacher trainee allowance was not redrawn but rather replaced with student loan scheme haven risen to tertiary classification. And that admissions have risen to 63% since the new policy direction.

In infrastructure, so far 123 of the 200 community day SHS have been given to contractors to build, by 2021 all should be done, though there are evidence of completed ones commissioned.

He directed GES to make intake of new admissions into all completed ones and no waiting for commissioning during his campaign tour at abodom in the central region. On his international relations, he state that he has a lot of friends among the African head of state.

To us this comes as no surprise after his role to bring military take over of other countries to managed situation and understanding not forgetting the role he played in the ebola pandemic. Indeed all these got him to be awarded by Pan Africa Students Association. All these exemplifies the man John Dramani Mahama seeking to stand tall among all candidates.

Source: kasapafmonline.com
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