Retain Mahama for defeat – Envoy warns NDC

Mahama And Osei 700x406 Daniel Osei has been an active critic of former President John Dramani Mahama

Wed, 15 Aug 2018 Source: dailyguideafrica.com

Former Consul General to Dubai, Daniel Osei, has bashed former President John Dramani Mahama once again, entreating the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to reject the former leader of Ghana as the party’s flagbearer for the 2020 presidential election.

Mr Osei, who is fast establishing himself as a thorn in the flesh of Mr. Mahama through his incisive articles on why the NDC members should reject him, said if the party makes a mistake to select Mr. Mahama as the flagbearer, they would be doomed at the polls in 2020.

“We must reject JM; he is a big mess and must be retired. He refuses to do the civilized thing and step aside but the delegates can retire him if they are well informed.

“Mahama will have less than 50 percent chance of winning the general elections. He has offended too many people and groups in our party, the NDC and too many groups in the general electorate, including doctors, trainees, military, AGI etc,” he admonished in his latest article.

Not Serious

He said “he’s not a serious man and must not be burdened with such a serious responsibility as flagbearer. As president, he hardly made it to Flagstaff House before 11 am and was just not a serious leader,” adding “his partying ways are well documented, he’s a fun guy maybe, but not a strong leader, and Comrades we can’t afford another Enye hwiii, so so lukewarm leadership.”

Mr. Osei said, “the NPP is serious about retaining power in 2020 and we must come strong and be ready to work for power!”

He added that the NDC cannot entrust its future into the hands of the former President once again.

“With all due respect, Mahama had no business being president because he didn’t understand the awesome responsibilities of that office nor the need to lead the party to victory. Go back to the video of his visit to Major Mahama’s widow and the insensitive joke he said to the young son of Major Mahama, the cruel laughter and the temerity to put it all on Facebook and announce he went there to give her money, etc; that video sums up Mahama for me.”

Delegates’ Education

He said the NDC delegates must be made to understand that “a primary victory is not a general election victory so that they will make an informed choice during the December 7, 2018 NDC presidential primary.

“They must get it rightly. They must be presented with reasons why former President Mahama is not likely to succeed in the general election, and reasons why Mahama is not our best choice. The facts show he’s our worst candidate for the general elections.”

Mr. Osei said the NDC’s rank and file knows a Mahama defeat in the general election is possible because they’ve experienced it. They saw it, if they are given the true facts of our defeat, they can only conclude the likelihood of defeat with Mahama is real.”

Amissah-Arthur Factor

Mr. Osei revealed that former Vice President Paa Kwasi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur, who died recently, was preparing to contest his former boss Mr. Mahama.

“Most of the party elders know this because he told them and he hinted at this during the revolutionary lectures. I know this because he told me himself and his strange passing raised a lot of questions in the minds of Fantis.

“How attractive is he (Mahama) now to Fantis? Right or wrong, they blame him for his poor treatment of Paa Kwasi, the late Vice President. This complaint was made by residents of Central Region prior to the 2016 elections and Mahama’s response was to erect big billboards of Lordina, his wife, throughout the region. This infuriated the people of the region, and we saw the results. We lost 80 percent of our seats in Central Region.

Posture in Opposition

He said Mr Mahama “has done nothing different in opposition and has been exposed as grossly indecisive and weak, he’s an extremely weak leader.”

“Indeed, his weakness in his home region, Northern Region, is well documented and has gotten worse. His disrespect for the biggest tribe in the North, the Dagombas, is a silent killer which cost us votes in 2016 and will cost us more votes in 2020 if we present him, and he has become more unattractive in opposition.”

He alleged that “evidence of his diabolical acts in Upper West against NDC candidates, which cost us half of our seats in that region should tell the delegates this guy will only further sink our fortunes in that region.”

JM Banter

Mr. Osei said he does not like the way Mr. Mahama is being foisted on the NDC as flagbearer, saying “I don’t enjoy this perpetual banter on JM at all but it’s forced on us.”

“The unfortunate and sad reality is we have a real chance of winning, but JM can’t win. He simply can’t.

He said after the NDC lost, he and a couple of NDC members, including Kojo Bonsu, started the re-organization of the party for 2020 but the Mahama loyalists made things difficult.

“Kojo Bonsu, others and I- our meeting place was my house, and we hit the ground running on the 12 of December 2016 with the goal of preparing the grounds. Can you imagine how much good work could have been done by now?”

“Listen to their apologists today and you will conclude the same sycophancy and think-less approach is being engaged.”

“We must give ourselves a real chance at victory and it includes presenting a more formidable and attractive choice. It’s of critical importance. Let’s be dispassionate and not conflate things out of convenience. Let’s think through the facts facing us and make conclusions based on facts and not assumptions.”

Source: dailyguideafrica.com
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