Some promises Nana Addo made to the invincible forces that are yet to be fulfilled

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Tue, 19 Dec 2017 Source: ghanacrusader.com

The New Patriotic Party administration throughout their take over in governance from the biggest Opposition New Democratic Congress Party, have ushered number of promises to calm the nerves of its security forces known as the invincible forces.

The party after striving for power in the previous year’s brought secret forces to serve as security and bodyguards to protect their personalities and to pave ways into the final elections for them.

The boys, picked up from all the ten regions were taken through security training on how to protect ballot box, help in campaign process and how to prevent the then NDC party from rigging the elections in 2016.

The boys with big muscles with several others very tough in height, were used in lot of underground works by the political party in winning the 2016 elections hands down.

There have been reports that, since January, 2017, they received lots of promises but none of them has being fulfilled by the party’s leader.

They were first promised to work with the military services, the police and as well the bureau investigative department but none of them have so far been employed.

Since the President took over the reins of government in January 2017, there were also promised with luxurious life and good living during the NPP campaign as majority of them were struggling to make ends meet.

The boys known as the Kandapaa boys, Delta forces, Burma Camp Youth, the vigilante groups as well the invincible forces were all promised with a job but none has been achieved yet.

They recently broke into the office of the Ashanti Region Security apparatus and dragged out the Regional Security Coordinators out of their office. Due to lack of hunger and successive jobs promised them.

Another group, Burma Camp in the Northern region, also locked up, the office of a School Feeding Program for more than a week, protesting the distribution of jobs to caterers.

To calm nerves down, the NPP leader, president Akufo-Addo, who was recently at the NPP’s extraordinary National Delegates Conference in Kumasi, said that, “What I’m saying is that, the foundation has been laid for jobs.”

“We’ve had important challenges; Invincible and Delta Forces and the tensions at the grassroots of the party over jobs. I appreciate very much the anxiety over jobs.”

“Let us remain united and confident, we are on the right path and soon it will be obvious to everybody. Our race is not a sprint, it is a cross-country, it is a marathon race and we are going to win at the end, not just at the beginning.”

Source: ghanacrusader.com
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