EC rejects ‘no verification no vote’

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Comment: War is looming! Danger ahead!

Ghanaian Voter
2015-08-15 17:45:21
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EC rejects ‘no verification no vote’

We are treading untested waters, Ghana/ Why did the EC waste our resources in acquiring these biometric machines at all? The man who bought them claimed they would ensure fairness. The man who bought it later said it could be sidestepped. The woman who came to use it says she would not need it to ensure fairness.
So have the people been taken for granted? I think we should lay the blame at the feet of out corrupted supreme court and our bogus legal system. I trust the woman will use the flawed 4 minute verdict of the Supreme court to justify her decision. We are doomed.
These are signs of the approach of chaos and unrest in Ghana. When it happens, all persons responsible should know that they cannot survive the wrath of the people.We will not be killing ourselves; we will target you and your families.
All MPs should take note. All justices of the Supreme Court should take note. All EC decision makers should take note. Be warned!

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Ghanaian Voter on Aug 15, 2015 17:45
War is looming! Danger ahead!