Easter message by the PNC to the nation

Pnc09 The People's National Convention

Tue, 7 Apr 2020 Source: People's National Convention

Fellow Ghanaians, the all-important Christian religious festival of Easter is here with us again. We must be thankful and grateful to the Almighty God for keeping and sustaining us to live to see another Easter period. His mercies and blessings upon us must never go unnoticed.

Easter marks an important event on the Christian calendar: that of the crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we must use this period to renew our faith in God for his boundless wisdom and miracles.

It is rather unfortunate that we are compelled to celebrate this year’s Easter in an entirely different manner owing to the global COVID-19 pandemic which is ravaging the whole world and showing no sign of abatement. The usual conviviality, togetherness and merriment characterising the events of this all-important festival can no more be held. We cannot have our usual church and mass services to mark Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Nonetheless, the spiritual essence of Easter must not be lost on us.

This is an opportunity for us to renew our faith in the infinite wisdom of the Lord Almighty in the wake of this global pandemic by seeking his intervention through our prayers for mankind to find a way of dealing with COVID-19 to curtail the mass infections and deaths.

The PNC calls on all Ghanaians to use this period to do a thorough introspection and contribute their part to stop the spread of COVID-19. Let us in this period of the lockdown share the little that we have with those who do not have so that together we can beat this deadly disease. Let us remember that, stopping COVID-19 requires individual and collective efforts.

As a party, we admonish our members to support all the efforts genuinely meant at stopping the spread of the disease. In these extraordinary times, we must all be prepared to sacrifice the merriment usually associated with an important occasion like Easter in order to get out of the woods resulting

from COVID-19.

We wish all Ghanaians a Happy and COVID-19-free Easter.

Thank You


Bernard Mornah

National Chairman

Source: People's National Convention
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