Election 2020: Jomoro CPP parliamentary candidate outlines programmes to electorates

Patrick Ekye Kwesie CPP 9 CPP Parliamentary Candidate for the Jomoro Constituency, Patrick Ekye Kwesie

Fri, 2 Oct 2020 Source: Daniel Kaku, Contributor

The Parliamentary Candidate for the Jomoro Constituency in the Western Region, Patrick Ekye Kwesie, has outlined tentative social intervention policies to better the living conditions of the people when voted into power in the December 7 parliamentary elections.

According to him, Jomoro abounds in both human and natural resources which remained untapped leaving indigenes impoverished and the area backwards in development.

Mr. Kwesie who claimed he had undertaken an action research activity on the resource base in the Constituency, was confident that prudent tapping and management of resources will inure to development of the area.

The Jomoro CPP Parliamentary Candidate outlined his vision in an interview with Daniel Kaku.

Mr. Kwesie, a first-time contestant of the seat, said under his leadership, he will establish a chocolate and confectionery factory at Cocotown-Ghana-Nungua close to the border with La Cote D'Ivoire.

"A glass factory utilising silica sand will be set up at Jaway", he added.

Mr. Kwesie also intends tp set up a gender-based cooperative and micro loan credit schemes.

On Education, the CPP Candidate will organize training programmes for teachers and encourage exchange and volunteer programmes with Europe.

He added that an Oil and Gas Technical Training school will be set up at Bawia to train the required manpower for the oil and gas industry.

Still, on Education, he promised that a College of Education will be set up at Half-Assini behind the Senior High School with quasi health college attached.

Mr. Kwesie also hinted on the set up of the Jomoro Focus Fund with priority to Education, Health, Hydro-Carbon, Tourism and affordable housing with local materials.

He will also encourage inland drilling, especially around the Bonyere enclave to witness an unprecedented development.

"A plant for Isopentane which will generate power will be established to offer employment to the youth", he stated.

Touching on Agriculture, he said the CPP will venture into Chilli pepper production and export.

"Domestic tourism will be given a boost by linking the Benyin-Nzulezo, Wharf market, Ankasa forest among others to the development fund " he added that a further development of the Jaway and Newtown wharf will boost economic activities.

Under healthcare delivery, the stressed, "there will be the procurement of dialysis machine for the Half-Assini government hospital".

"Capacity building will take a center stage and encourage the set up of the Jomoro Chamber of Commerce mainly on Agriculture, Hydro-Carbon, Healthcare improvement, social interventions and emergencies", he added.

The CPP aspirant said he is bent on investing in traditional authorities to restore the trust ín appointed officials in Jomoro.

"The Annor Adjaye the second Airstrip will be established in the Northern part of Tikobo No.2 to serve the petro-chemical Industry in terms of small aircraft with expansion motives to large aircrafts".

Mr. Kwesie said above all, "wealth creation and livelihood improvement through sustainable development funding with his own foundation being the paymaster, will be his major pre-occupation."

Source: Daniel Kaku, Contributor
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