IGP warns Bimbilla chieftaincy factions

Apeatu Igp David Asante-Apeatu, Inspector General of Police

Sat, 14 Oct 2017 Source: starrfmonline.com

The Inspector General of Police David Asante-Apeatu on Friday warned chieftaincy factions in Bimbilla as prospects of clashes outbreak reached frightening level, two days after the burial of a disputed Chief.

The late Nakpaa Naa Salifu Dawuni was finally laid to rest at his private residence Wednesday evening in the Nanumba North district capital after three years of confusion over where and how to bury him.

He was a claimant in the protracted Bimbila chieftancy crisis which is currently before the apex court, however, both the National House of Chiefs and a High Court had ruled against his claim before he died.

The dispute between members of the Gbugmayili gate has killed dozen innocent people and ruined socioeconomic activities in the regional tinderbox.

The family of the late chief surreptitiously preceded the burial with an enskinment of a Regent in defiance of a Security Council order which angered the rival family to issue belligerent threats.

Though, all the splendor and established and inherited customary patterns and social custom accompanying the burial of such a chief and enskinment of a regent were absent, the Dawuin family still maintained an unwavering stance.

Fears of possible violence on Thursday was so widespread that some residents, according to sources fled the town necessitating the IGP’s unannounced visit.

Mr. Asante-Apeatu arrived at the town which has been taken over by armed soldiers and police, and was led directly to address the Regent at the Palace after taking security briefings from the District Chief Executive.

Speaking to the Regent and other residents, the police chief commended the people for maintaining peace during and after the burial of late Naa salifu Dawuni.

He conveyed the President’s excitement about their conduct towards the burial event and urged the people to continue to dialogue and eschew aggressive acts.

Mr. Asante-Apeatu bemoaned the slackened progress of the district caused by the raging violence and advised the feuding parties to continue to use the legal means to seek redress.

He, however, sounded a caution that anyone caught practicing activity that has the potential of violating or breaching the peace and likely to provoke other acts of violence would not be allowed.

“Definitely, certain factions have some grievances and I know, and you all know that there are channels that we can address these grievances and that is by arbitration, talking to ourselves or taking the legal channels.

“I will also want to warn each and everyone here that once we know how to address our grievances, if anyone should attempt to commit any offence that would constitute the breach of the peace of this country, that person would not be spared, the long arm of law will be brought to bear.”

The IGP visited the other faction and issued same warning to the group who were planning to go ahead with a prayer ceremony for the late chief. The family was asked to halt all activities and wait for clearance from the Security Council.

Source: starrfmonline.com
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