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Bugri Naabu 'miraculously' walks after defeat

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Sun, 29 Apr 2018 Source:

Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Daniel Bugri Naabu after being defeated by Mohammed A. Bantima Samba, was seen leaving the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium on both feet.

The incumbent, strapped in a bandage was pushed to the campaign ground in a wheelchair as well as getting his mangled car towed to the venue in a bid to gain sympathy votes.

But after losing massively to his contender, he was seen walking away from the elections grounds without his wheelchair.

He pulled a shocking 116 votes whilst his contender, Mohammed A. Bantima Samba, polled 312 of the 566 total votes cast.

Bugri Naabu on his return from a campaign tour in the region on Thursday, April 26 was involved in a near fatal accident but pulled through sustaining minor injuries.

It is alleged that Bugri Naabu feigned his accident just to gain attention and sympathy votes from his people but that didn’t turn out well for him as he lost the elections.

According to Bugri Naabu however, the rationale behind towing his car to the venue was to dismiss assertions that he had faked the accident to win sympathy votes.

Some section of Ghanaians who were also of the belief that the controversial NPP constituency leader faked his accident took to social media to mock him after he lost his position to Mohammed Samba.

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