CSE Controversy: Akufo-Addo does not support homosexuality – Irbard Ibrahim defends

Irbard Ibrahim Wild Irbard Ibrahim

Fri, 4 Oct 2019 Source: mynewsgh.com

Strange-acting self-styled security analyst, Alhaji Ibard Ibrahim has argued that the Comprehensive Sexuality Education(CSE) document for Ghana has nothing to do with homosexuality or LGBTQ+ rights and therefore criticisms of the President is driven by petty partisanship.

In what he calls, his “3rd Address to the Nation” in a video broadcast on Facebook, Alhaji Ibrahim wondered why anyone would criticise the President for something that is not part of the proposed document.

“Where are the trappings or vestiges of homosexuality exposure in this, my people?” he wondered.

According to him sexuality education has always been part of Ghana’s education system and the widespread uproar is driven by “petty partisanship”.

“Why have we allowed petty partisanship to cloud our sense of judgment and support for the state? I was born, bred and largely educated in this country, and I have gone through a good number of different phases of our educational system. Sexual education has always been a central piece of his system. Whether Life Skills or Religious and Moral Education ( RME), we are taught rites of passage, signs of reaching puberty, and other topics of relevance to our sexuality as elementary school-going pupils and teenagers growing up,” he stressed in the address to the nation.

He then went on to vouch for the President objection to homosexuality, arguing that as a Christian the President quite obviously is opposed to homosexuality as his faith does.

“Where from this futile attempt to castigate the President as an outlaw whose very professed faith of Christianity finds homosexuality filthy? A statesman whose campaign slogan is the “Battle is the Lord’s”? A statesman whose favourite music is a gospel tune in the local Akan Language that glorifies and sanctifies God called “Oye”? He queried, calling on all Ghanaians to “remain resolute in our rejection of homosexuality.”

However, his address may have come a little too late given that the government has denied that there is any such document included in the curriculum for basis schools.

News of the planned inclusion of CSE for pupils sparked repulsion Ghanaians who saw it mainly as inappropriate and a subtle way of introducing LGBTQ+ to pupils at a tender age.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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