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Festivities marking the death of Christ should be Passover not Easter - Rev. Olive Nortey

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Sat, 8 Apr 2023 Source:

The General Overseer of Dromo Ministries International, Reverend Mrs Olive Nortey has emphasised the need for Christians to mark the death of Christ for its true meaning and purpose.

Speaking to the media on Good Friday, April 7, 2023, the clergywoman noted that the occasion that should truly be celebrated is Passover and not Easter as it is widely known.

“When you search for Easter, you realise that it is something different all together which has to do with eggs and bunnies, and eggs and bunnies were not used to save us. So I think that it is time for us as Christians to go back to the originalities of our celebrations that God himself instituted for us. That will have the real meaning, we will experience the significance, the effect of it having its impact on our lives and on our destinies as Christians.

According to her, celebrating the passing of Christ for its true meaning will help Christians to acquire and enjoy the benefits of being sons and daughters of God.

“I believe it will help us a lot because when there is a meaning, then we will really have the benefit [sic] effect of whatever we have believed to change and to transform our lives to make us the people that God has destined us to be.

“I believe it should be Passover and not Easter because when we say Passover, you do understand that something evil must pass over you but when you say Easter what do you understand about Easter? God knows the reason why he said we should celebrate the Passover... we should keep it throughout our generation as believers and our sons and daughters of God. We don't have to change what God has instituted,” she admonished.

While the festivity period is marked with fun activities, Rev. Mrs Olive Nortey said such activities should not eclipse the real purpose that the period stands for.

“I think people have not really understood what it's all about. I believe it is a season of reflection, it's a season of meditation, it is a season of taking into account all that Jesus went through for us. I believe that the fun aspect should not overshadow the truth and the realities,” she stated.

She thus entreated Christian and church leaders to duly guide their members into following the “dictates and commands of God.”

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